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Acoustic Sunset

My name is Jesse and I’m the service director over at Tamarack Tap Room……I’m having the time of my life working here! A lot of my excitement stems from our Mission. In a nutshell, our mission is to provide an atmosphere and experience that flows from our belief in integrity. We believe that if integrity is the driving force behind all that we do we will succeed. With this in mind, I have been given the green light to start Acoustic Sunset .My goal is to feature only the best local musicians. This is exciting! I have had a passion for music my entire life and to have the chance to see this unfold at Tamarack has been a lot of fun. Our eclectic beer program is second to none and that also goes for our menu offerings. We DO NOT cut any corners. My hope is that we can bring some of the best local talent through our doors and deliver a musical experience that will have people coming from all over MN, not just for the food, beer, and service, but for the music! This coming Sunday from 6-9pm on the patio we are featuring Michael Shynes. I feel lucky to have this guy here again……Mike is not only an amazing musician, but a great person. My hope is that this can turn into something special……I think we have the perfect storm brewing and this is just the beginning!

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